Making moving images is my thing. May i move yours?

Motion graphics design| Post production | Animation | Photography

Digital synthetic amazing image.

Today, moving image is literally everywhere. You might not even notice, but there are graphics in motion in movies, in TV, even in your phone. Every single animation was designed, created. Even environments start to be populated with moving images, through projections and large screens. Every interface you interact with has movement. It must have, as it is a fundamental part of the communication and branding nowadays. Static images are less and less common every day.

My work is to make moving images. Doesn’t matter if they are computer generated or filmed, i can help you think them, conceptualize, plan and execute. My mission is to make sure moving images are an integral part of your communication. Using the languages of motion graphics, the tools of post production and visual effects, every point of contact of your brand that has the potential of incorporating movement will be carefully taken care of.



Design is at the core of what i do. I understand, value, and incorporate the principles of good and efficient design in my work. The visual aspect is always fundamental.


Design without a strategy or objective is meaningless. The reason why is at the very center of what i do. To understand for whom it is, to communicate efficiently to the right person.


All that i do is made with commitment. Dedication to the end result. Deadlines are sacred. Communication with clients, agencies and partners is constant and clear. I’m not happy if you’re not happy, period.

“Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated.”

– Paul Rand